Waste Diversion

Does your businesses produce scrap materials as part of your manufacturing process? 

Are you looking for a more economical and environmentally responsible alternative to sending scraps to land fills? Contribute your reusable scrap materials to our waste diversion program and we'll redirect them to makers to be upcycled into new products. 

Examples of commonly diverted materials include:

  • leather, cloth or vinyl scraps
  • recycled glass containers
  • recycled plastic bottles
  • recycled clothing and material
  • surplus supplies (buttons, beads, etc)
  • Cotton and polyester batting

Materials must be clean and ready for use by makers.  If you have waste that would otherwise go to the dump, give us a call and let's discuss whether we can put it into use.  It's both economical and environmentally responsible.

Here's a few of the businesses that we currently work with to divert waste:

  • St. Vincent dePaul
  • Marley's Monsters
  • Mystic Fable Leather