Custom Upcycling Services


Are a maker or interested in becoming one?  Upcycling is an environmentally friendly was to source your materials, which can save you money and appeal to your customers.  

We offer a variety of services for experienced and new makers seeking to upcycle, including:

  • Sourcing inexpensive quality materials
  • Training to up your skills or provide inspiration for upcycling and working with recycled or salvaged materials
  • Marketplace for upcycled products, exposing your goods to an environmentally conscious pool of consumers.

If you are a maker interested in materials or our market place [next steps TBD]

For available classes check out our education programs.

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  • -Sentimental products 
  • -Gift ideas
  • -Personalized Home decor
  • -DIY ideas for people to make at home
  • -Plug n play model for different items to different products
  • -materials list with pics (before and after) cowboy boots, t shirts, jeans, Blankets, Flannels, hoodies/sweatshirts etc.